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Lily: I want to talk about how .... the work is really heavily influenced by the fact that I’m doing a BA. A BA in Film specifically, and that ... Im looking at film in a very critical way all the time. I watch films everyday ... so ... I’ve been taught for the past three years to really critically analyze every film that I watch. I’ve been taught that film is a very self-reflexive medium ... or can be. It is a medium that has the possibility to represent that it is aware that it cannot possibly retain an authentic representation of a spontaneous moment, or of life. This is not possible in documentary either, because it is all constructed in one way or another. It is either a point of view, or the elements used to create the piece ... the camera etc. all help remove it from the reality of the moment captured. What happens if you’re recording audio though? Initially to me that seemed like the most pure form of capturing memory. But it’s still not. It doesn’t matter if I’m the only one that knows the conversation is being recorded, I’m still constructing the moment by choosing to record it. I want the way I have constructed the editing to reflect the nature of a train of thought, or a flowing conversation. I’m trying to explore authenticity. What I really wanted to do was to capture realism in film. When trying to do that using audio ... I realised that it was a really ... sort of ... naive move on my part. Film cannot capture authentic moments, but neither can memory. 


Dad: You’re getting there... you seem to feel strongly what it is about? Or even what it is not about?


Lily: Yeah ... and so ... my subject matter has been my parents and close friends ... these conversations happen with these people ... they spark the work. These conversations have, in turn, become the work. The thing is ... It is supposed to inspire a multiplicity of meaning. The vignettes will ultimately strike different chords with different people. The haphazardness, the fact that it is deconstructed in this way, I hope ... allows the audience to have different readings of it ... which is different representations. 


Dad: Well thats the same with everything.


Lily: I know! Yeah ... this is a small reflection that aims to comment on that part of “everything”?

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